Hey Pumpkin!

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Happy October AKA 31 days of all things spooky, orange, and Halloween-esque... well, at least for me! I love costumes, a good theme, and just the color orange in general. Funnily enough, I have never been to a pumpkin patch. That is, until now! (Okay obviously not NOW now, this was last week lol.) Bryan took me to a pumpkin patch and it was definitely sensory overload for this crazy Fall lady. We took tons of photos, as we do, haha. I also discovered my newest obsession: Pumpkin. Houses. It doesn’t sound like much, but above is just a little taste- just keep scrolling, it’ll be worth your while.

Looks like the great pumpkin arrived early in the form of this Harvey’s Mickey Pumpkin bag. I love that carrying him around feels like I’m bringing my favorite part of Main Street at Halloweentime along with me everywhere! If you catch me rocking this cutie up until December 1st, don’t act surprised. I’m warning you right here, right now.

I love a big pattern, can you tell? I had this vision for a huge gingham babydoll dress when I was originally planning this pumpkin patch ensemble. I searched high and low for something to match my vision, went thrifting even! Nothing really spoke to me, or yelled at me, like this print did. When I found this gingham fabric I was immediately sold, and I knew I just had to make something instead. I went with a longer skirt choice, and ended up making a 2 piece set because I wanted to be able to wear the garments separately- what other occasions will call for me to dress like a more fall picnic table? Pumpkin Mick was the perfect addition to really feel like the centerpiece on the picnic table that is me. Mickey is a crossbody, as shown, but he’s also...

A BACKPACK. Yes, he’s even more adorable now, I agree. This bag releases tomorrow, 10/11 online and also in-store!

Unfortunately for all of you babes that also want to be autumnal picnic tables at your local pumpkin patches, this set I made isn’t readily available since I rushed sewing it the day before shooting. I mean lovingly hand crafted it without any anxieties due to time constraints. However, I rounded up a few pieces that give me the same vibe as my set so that you can mix and match with pieces that might already be in your closet or that you might see and go “oh this would be perfect with those crazy green shorts I saw on Tanya’s blog” or something along those lines... lol. Side note: if you can thrift or find second hand pieces, (on depop, eBay, poshmark, etc.) then definitely choose the slow fashion! We love an eco conscious fit. :)

1. Urban Outfitters $39.99
2. Amazon $15.99
4. Urban Outfitters $9.99
5. Nordstrom $34.80
6. Nordstrom $248
7. Urban Outfitters $29.99

And here are a few alternatives to the pop of orange for your outfit just in case you’re not a pumpkin bag kinda person.

1. Nordstrom $119
2. Nordstrom $30
3. Nordstrom $149.95
4. Nordstrom $29
5. Zara, $69.90

Until next time boos!
Hugs & Churros,

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