About Tiki!

What first started as a personal project to document my frequent visits to the Disney parks has quickly become a creative, and (hopefully) impactful platform for Disney, food, and fashion lovers alike. With my main focus being women’s fashion, I hope to inspire people of all ages to show off their best Disney style by providing styling inspiration, shopping recommendations, and showcasing my favorite products! Here’s a fun fact: the name tikiroombby is a nod to the combination of my love of Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room and my initials TKO! My parents always used to sing the Tiki Room song to me with a slight change from “in the tiki room” to “in the Tiko room”, so I have such a connection to that attraction. I just added the bby for a lil cuteness, haha! I hope you enjoy my little corner of Disney, food, and fashion.

Hugs & Churros,

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