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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Hello boos and ghouls! Happy October and almost Happy Halloween, too! I have just always loved all aspects of Fall and Halloweentime. Grey mornings, cinnamon pinecones, pecan pies, candy, pumpkin everything, dressing up for halloween, more candy, spooky Fall decorations at Disneyland, and the FASHION of course! Who doesn't love a chunky knit sweater and a little heeled bootie? I decided to put a more wearable spin on a few classic halloween costumes we know and love - who says costumes aren't day-to-day wear? 

Pumpkin - Top: Thrifted Similar | Skirt: H&M Similar | Scarf: Thrifted Similar | Shoes: Free People Similar
Bat - Top: Target Similar | Skirt: Thrifted Similar | Boots: Steve Madden Similar

Hey pumpkin! For my pumpkin look I went with a bright top and neutral skirt to make that orange really pop. I always find myself drawn to really bright oranges and mustards this time of year, which is probably my desire to dress like the orange and yellow leaves changing for the season- that we do not have here in Southern California. Haha. If you take a closer look, my headband and neck scarf resemble the stem and vines for our favorite Fall time gourd. The inspiration for my bat outfit was clearly drawn from these sleeves! (and the fact that you just cannot go wrong with all black.) I like to think that this is definitely a vampire-approved look for a more casual day, when a cape doesn't fit the occasion. All you need is a good wing sleeve to be the chic-est bat on the street. ;-)

Ghost - Top: Free People Similar | Skirt: Target Similar | Sneakers: Puma Similar 
Witch - Top: Free People Similar | Dress: Free People Similar | Boots: Steve Madden Similar

Similar to my bat inspired outfit, these dramatic sleeves on this white blouse were also begging to be worn in this ghostly fashion. I took the idea of throwing a sheet over your head and elevated it by mimicking the flowiness you would get with the sheet with these bell sleeves. Spooky chic? Basically "ghost, but make it fashion". Any ANTM fans out there? I hope so. This next witchy woman look was highly influenced by Halloweentown (THE best disney channel original halloween movie, and this is not up for debate). I can see Marnie 100% rocking a cute boho outfit like this around present-day Halloweentown. The gauziness of the dress has the perfect aerodynamic design to whip around on a broom. Just need my WindSweeper 5000 and I'll be on my way.

Top: Topshop Similar | Jeans: Uniqlo Similar | Boots: Steve Madden Similar | Earrings: Hot Topic Exact Match | Backpack: Harvey's Exact Match

Did you really think I could go an ENTIRE blog post without doing a Disney look? I had to pay homage to one of my favorite Halloweentime films with this take on our Pumpkin King's signature outfit. I liked the big sleeve on this blouse to add a little flair and make up for my lack of bat bowtie. Added a little bit of Sally and Zero with little Zero earrings and my Sally backpack from Harvey's because Sally always has Jack's back of course! ;) 

Let me know if you all try my (or your own!) interpretations of any classic spooky characters! Now back to watching Halloweentown every day until it's unacceptable again.

Hugs & Churros,


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