Sunday, November 18, 2018

Happy Sunday, and even more importantly, happy birthday to the big cheese! Our beloved Mr. Mouse turns 90 today and I loved celebrating for a bit today at the parks! In honor of the big 9-0, I wanted to showcase a few different outfits inspired by some of my favorite moments in Mickey history. We always see Minnie style, because who doesn’t love to rock those classic dots, but what about the underrated fashion icon that is Mickey Mouse?

My first look is inspired by the original black and white Mickey shorts like Steamboat Willie and Plane Crazy! I paired my black and white vintage Disney sweatshirt (which I cut the sleeves off of, of course) with a white and black polka dot skirt (and socks!) as a nod to our gal Minnie, cream boots, and Mickey's actual head. Oh wait no, not a real Mickey head, just the CUTEST Mickey head bag in existence.

Top: Vintage Similar | Skirt: Topshop Exact Match | Socks: Topshop Similar | Boots: Zara Similar | Bag: Harvey's Exact Match | Earrings: Couture Kingdom Exact Match

Color inspiration for this next look was drawn from Mickey's conductor outfit in The Band Concert short. I like to think the red plaid with the veins of green almost mimic the chartreuse details on Mickey's jacket! I layered the embroidered button up from Forever21's Mickey collection under a vintage mini dress I found at my local Goodwill. Yes- the Harvey's Mickey bag makes yet another appearance. ;)

Button Up: Forever21 Exact Match | Dress: Thrifted Similar | Boots: Steve Madden Similar | Bag: Harvey's Exact Match | Earrings: Couture Kingdom Exact Match

Of course I had to do a Sorcerer Mickey inspired bound(ish?) My absolute favorite vintage item is this 3/4 sleeve graphic tee that my mom picked up at a boutique on her first trip with my dad to San Francisco. If you're reading this, thanks mom! Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey along with other Mickey roles throughout the years are featured all over this tee, try to spot your faves! I decided to do a play on the wide sleeve robe Mickey wears as the sorcerer's apprentice with these wide leg red trousers. Couldn't forget my sorcerer hat... err beret and statement star earrings- to mimic the iconic blue hat with those moon and star details!

Top: Vintage Similar | Pants: Vintage Similar | Boots: Steve Madden Similar | Beret: Amazon Exact Match | Earrings: Amazon Exact Match | Necklace: Couture Kingdom Exact Match

Wanted to feature this throwback to the deconstructed classic Mickey disneybound I did a while back because it’s truly one of my favorite park outfits I’ve worn! My yellow turtleneck for his shoes, black overalls for his little body, and what I like to call the ‘butt bag’. It’s one of my favorite Loungefly bags I have ever seen, and I didn’t even discover it! My sweet boyfriend Bryan surprised me with it one day and I was immediately in love and so in shock that I had never seen it before, but I digress. Here’s proof that sometimes simple park outfits are the best park outfits!

Top: Reformation Similar | Overalls: H&M Similar | Shoes: Vans Similar | Bag: Loungefly Exact Match 

Last and definitely not least, my all polka dot outfit to honor our gal Minnie. I wanted to do a play on past to present Minnie style with this outfit. In my mind, my black and white polka dot pants represent OG Minnie style in the early cartoons. Then I brought it all the way up to present day with that unmistakable red and white polka dot print! I flipped my Harvey's rose bag around and bam, it's a big red polka dot bag! Of course I had to wear my favorite yellow mules- I saw Minnie Mouse wearing yellow heels and polka dots, so I bought yellow heels and (more) polka dots. Haha. Because it's Minnie's birthday, too!!

Top: Thrifted Similar | Pants: Nasty Gal Exact Match | Mules: Nordstrom Similar | Bag: Harvey's Exact Match | Earrings: Couture Kingdom Exact Match | Necklace: Couture Kingdom Exact Match

Mickey and Minnie have been with me through all of the laughs and the tears (happy AND sad), and have helped me push forward to better days when the going got tough. Here's to many more years of these mice and their magic! Happy Birthday you two, thank you for everything!

Hugs & Churros,


  1. How are you actually as cute as Mickey >>AND<< Minnie?? I love ALL these outfits so much, I literally can't even pick a favorite. You're my favorite.


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