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Sunday, January 27, 2019

Happy (belated) National Polka Dot day! This day is obviously a day to dress all dotty and celebrate our favorite mouse gal, Minnie! I had such a blast hanging out with friends (and boyfriend) and dressing to make Minnie proud. I always have such a great time coming up with outfit concepts for elaborate disney days- and polka dot day was no exception.

From left to right: Me, @therachelestplaceonearth, @theminniemouseclub, and @fdzney!

 Drawing inspiration from a past disneybound of mine where I wore a ‘deconstructed’ Mickey inspired outfit, I had the idea to deconstruct the bound even further. We each took a color and element of Minnie- shoes and yellow, gloves and white, dress (and bow!) and red, and the entirety of Minnie (but mostly her ears) and black. To take it one step further and really solidify the Minnie aspect of our group bound, we made sure we donned LOTS of DOTS.

Taken right next to the camera shop in Toontown, had to make sure I matched my surroundings! ;)

Up close and personal with my Minnie stamp from Plaza Inn breakfast. Pom pom earrings by me, hat by Brixton (but currently not available on Brixton’s site.)

I decided to pair this fun, but a bit dressy dress (that is no longer available, but here is a similar one) with a pair of converse to dress down the formal (for the parks) look of the dress! It’s a fun way to wear ALL of your dresses ALL of the time! My literal ‘bucket bag’ is the yellow balloon popcorn bucket that’s still available in the parks, I just added my own chain to replace the strap it came with.

Last and definitely not least, here are my cuties. They are ever-supportive of my ideas (disneybound-wise and otherwise) and I love them endlessly. Thanks to them for giving into my crazy plans, and thanks to all of you for your love and support on this concept and look!

Hugs & Churros,

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