Season's Greetings!

Saturday, December 8, 2018

It's December! That means turtlenecks, holiday music playing in practically every public space, and all-peppermint-everything season (which I infinitely prefer over all-pumpkin-everything season...) Some of my best childhood memories were made around Christmastime. Growing up, we were never able to participate in buying a live tree after discovering my Christmas tree/pine tree allergy, so each year my parents would take me to pick out a new ornament to make the tree special and new for my brother and I every year! Another tradition I look forward to each year is annual Christmas lasagna- my grandma makes two giant lasagnas for our big family on Christmas Day. The countdown to Christmas lasagna is ON. Like the song says, it really is the most wonderful time of the year; and I think the most wonderful thing about it is the fact that I can finally break out my full arsenal of vintage Disney sweaters! 

Although when I’m not in a vintage Disney pull over, I’m definitely in a turtleneck. The other day, a few of my cute gal friends and I thought of the idea to take a Christmas card style photo in coordinating plaid outfits. The outfit I decided on (after much deliberation) is simple and super easy to dress up or down. My cream turtleneck is from target last year, but here’s a similar one! I thrifted my plaid skirt (of course) and my boots are my go-to park boots from Steve Madden. I also came across a similar skirt here! I love the idea of plaid for December, it's so easy to incorporate and really adds some festive flair to any outfit!! My pom pom ears are from Disneyland last year, but the pom pom ears they are offering this year are black fluffs with a grey Christmas sweater pattern and I may or may not need them... ;) Of course the location decided upon was the parks and honestly, I think we picked the cuter of the two main trees- sorry Disneyland! 

If you want to follow these real life angels that I'm lucky enough to call my friends, their Instagram links are right here:
(From left to right)
Trang - @tranganhdong
We're clearly loving the holidays here at Disneyland, 
so keep your eyes out for a food blog post highlighting 
my favorite bites from the new holiday food items and beyond!

Hugs & Churros,

P.s. my sweet boy, @fdzney was taking these photos for us so he wasn't included in them, so here's a virtual holiday card
featuring us- from our home to yours!

Artwork by @khemmings94 


  1. I love our plaid Christmas card! & y’alls holiday artwork is so dang cute!!!

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