Disney Photo Spots Pt. 1

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

You all know I love a good underrated, and even unassuming, photo spot! Bryan and I search high and low for unique locations we haven’t yet seen on Instagram and he usually ends up making even the most random tile or pop of color that catches my eye work for me. I have a great photographer, don’t I? ;) Honestly what I like in a photo is mostly color, or just something I’ve never seen before, and that can be a bit challenging with the usual walls at Disney (which I also LOVE, don’t get me wrong!!) Sometimes you just have to look at things differently, so hopefully this part one is the beginning of lots of new favorite photo spots for you, and for me!

|1. Tropical Hideaway - Adventureland, Disneyland|

True to my tiki-inspired name, I am obsessed with the Tropical Hideaway in DL! Some of the cutest theming and really tasty snacks, but I’m getting ahead of myself. The entranceway makes for great tropical backdrop for all of your dole whip photo needs!

|2. Tile wall - by Schmoozie’s, California Adventure|

Every time I walk by, I’m tempted to take more photos there because of how fun the tiles and the extra little details that make the rainbow tiles even more fun! These walls are located on both sides of Schmoozie’s!

|3. Benches all down Hollywood Land - California Adventure|

One of my favorite interactive attractions in the Animation building is the Animation Academy, right before Turtle Talk with Crush because who hasn’t wanted to talk to a sea turtle before? I love the Animation building inside and out so I had the idea to do a typical couple-at-disney photo, but add in the building for that full Disney effect. Is the Animation building coming for the castle? Maybe, maybe... while it’s under that tarp at least, hahaha.

|4. Tile Pillars - by Schmoozie’s, California Adventure|

When you need a bright orange background, but you can’t get to the orange wall by Captain Marvel. The tiled pillar texture makes for a good change from the usual flat walls we usually ‘gram at! This teeny little spot is located to the right of Schmoozie’s down the way from the Hyperion.

|5. Schmoozie’s! - Schmoozie’s (lol), California Adventure|

Pop of color? Check. Fun tile/pattern? Check. Room for a full body shot? Check. I love red, it’s currently my favorite color! I miss that Minnie Mouse wall in Toon Town, so when I noticed this bit of red I jumped on it! This bit of red is basically RIGHT at schmoozie’s, at the ordering window- trust me, you can’t miss it.

|Outfit Details|
Top: Urban Outfitters Similar
Skirt: H&M Almost exact!
Watch: Citizen Exact
Earrings: Vintage Almost exact!
Purse: Harvey’s Exact style
Sneakers: Converse Exact

I hope you all find this helpful, and if so, I cannot wait to see all of your photos at these photo spots!

Hugs & Churros,

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