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Thursday, December 19, 2019

Happy Holidays friends! If there’s one thing I love it’s (obviously) Disney, and if there’s another thing I love it’s giving (and fine, receiving) cute and thoughtful gifts. I was gifted a few home items that are Disney-themed this holiday season, and I also rounded up a few more of my favorites that any homebody, Disney fan, or just cute-home-item-lovers would appreciate. This list applies year-round, too, especially since the countdown for shopping is currently (as I am typing this), down to a week. Oops.

First up we have the cutest rug in existence, that I’m sure you guys fawned over already on my Instagram post. This cutie is from Ruggable, and can be found here in a variety of sizes! I have the 6x9 size under my bed, because who wouldn’t want to feel like they’re living in their very own disney hotel? Price range is $139-$399.

The right way to dress up your smart devices. Otterbox has the cutest docks for your Amazon Echo or Google home mini, because who doesn’t want this little alien or the main mouse himself in your home telling you what the weather is outside or turning my lights on and off for me without even opening my eyes. I am eternally grateful... for smart lights so I never have to get up to turn my lights off when I’m already cozy in bed! Thanks Alexa ;) My otterbox code is ‘tikiroombby15’ if you want to treat yourself (or someone else, I guess) to one of these cuties. Prices are $20 for Mickey, and $25 for the alien.

This one is self-explanatory, I want and need this popcorn popper. I can never find the “right” bowl for popcorn, and this one is built in. And it’s cute? No brainer, I think we all need this especially with Disney+ existing now- popcorn and HSMTMTS is exactly what I want to do every Friday from now until forever. Haha. Price is $35.

In that same food-related vein, I found *the* cutest dish towel, pot holder, and oven mitt set. It’s hard enough to find cute Disney kitchen stuff, but Mickey shaped fruits? I say yes any time you can add even a small touch of Disney magic to your everyday! Price is $20.

Last food item, I promise! I needed to include this because it is absolutely perfect, hilarious, and actually useful. If you’re also a honey-on-toast kind of person, just look at this and tell me it’s not great. If you’re not a honey-on-toast kind of person, you can also look at this because it’s Pooh’s honey pot. That you fill with honey. Are you kidding me? Anyway, definitely buy this for Pooh and honey lovers alike. Price is $17.

Can you tell that I love Boxlunch? I just discovered these bookends the other day and immediately ordered them for myself because I do buy myself Christmas gifts. I have a sweet little doxie dog of my own that reminds me so much of Slink, so yes these were a necessity for my room. Especially with the new addition of my little alien Alexa! Perhaps a Toy Story theme is emerging, haha. My thought was I could put (aside from books) small plushes, or a few select funko pops in between this slinky guy. Price is $50.

I left my favorite gift idea for last, and let me explain- you can get any location you want and turn it into a thoughtful and meaningful gift. I of course got Disneyland, but is anyone surprised? It’s my favorite place to be, aside from my bed, and that is truly saying a lot. My favorite category of gift is thoughtful, when you can really feel the love and time someone put into it. :) These mapifuls are a great example of that, I think! Use ‘tikiroombby10’ at checkout for a little shopping magic! Prices starts at $39 for the print, and start at $29 for the frame.

Thank you guys for taking the time to shop with me, virtually. It’s my #1 hobby- maybe I should do more of these so I don’t end up shopping just for myself... Happy holidays, babes!

Hugs & Churros,

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