National Polka Dot Day

Friday, January 22, 2021

Happy national polka dot day, cuties! To me, today is a real holiday, unlike Valentine’s Day ;) Haha. I’m kidding- I really do love any excuse to mix my pinks, purples, and reds and don all my best heart-shaped accessories. Getting ahead of myself though, that’s next month (hint, hint?), and today- today is all about the dots! Want to skip all of the conversation? Scroll to the bottom for details and linked pieces!

This year I decided to go truer to Minnie’s trademark red look, but with a little layering fun! I’m very much into the sweater vests and the moment they are having right now, I have a small collection of sweater vests I found and fell in love with while thrifting so they’re finally having their chance to shine! I went with the simplest of my vests, so as not to take away from the main event, this dress! I actually *also* thrifted this dress in Long Beach yeaaaars back and just knew I had to own it.

Added a little garnish to this dish of an outfit in the form of this Minnie head passholder from Tokyo Disneyland, and my custom tiki Pisa bracelet that was so sweetly gifted to me by Baublebar- the bracelet itself is rocking the dots! I also threw on a pair of my chunkier boots to balance out the fullness of this skirt, and I ended up really loving the way they look paired together- so here’s to more voluminous skirts and chunky boots in 2021!

| Dress: similar | Vest: similar |Boots: similar | Bracelet: exact | Passholder: comparable |

As I have the past couple years, this year I have been attempting a Dot a Day over on Instagram. A Dot a Day, if you’re unfamiliar is a bit of a personal challenge where I wear, as the name suggests, at least one polka dot a day- although it’s usually MANY, the way Minnie intended. I hoped it would originally be a way to inspire you to reimagine some of your wardrobe pieces you may have forgotten about, or to spice up the first month of the new year with a fun fashion challenge. So while it’s for fun, it’s also for a bit of secret sustainability, haha. It’s caught on a bit, much to my surprise and delight, and some of you have even taken to use my hashtag (#aDotaDay) along with your adorable dotty looks! The looks I see you all post truly brighten my day even on the days I happen to forget to rock my dots. Follow along there for polka dots, and much, much more!

Hugs & churros,

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